"Nikki is an inspirational trainer and facilitator, her use of story and personal examples brings to life the sometimes complex concepts she is trying to convey. Both courses that I attended are highly interactive allowing for practice and discussion of the topic which is well suited to adult learning. Despite mixed skill sets within the group Nikki managed to steer everyone towards a common goal and achieved good outcomes for each individual. Not only did I and my team buddies learn business skills that we will carry into the future, we had fun while doing it"

Anne - Regional Manager NSW

"Your insights and understanding of how we do business at Aspen are amazing. It almost feels that you have spent a major part of your career out in the field doing Aspen sales presentations. 

A great time was had by all and some new skills taken on board.

I look forward to the next time"

Jeff – Account Manager , North Queensland

"The solutions Nikki provides are unique and relevant as she has taken the time to understand the business we work in as well as the challenges. Nikki’s delivery is very customer focussed and insightful as to where your focal point should be to achieve your business goals.

I highly recommend Nikki Burrows consulting to identify areas to improve and guidance on how to get there to reach your goals"

Natalie - Regional Sales Manager QLD NT WA

"Worked through the most effective way of introducing the Brand Transition and upcoming changes. Specifically putting a positive spin on this, using powerful language “ wonderful opportunity to innovate…” and using body language and gesturing. Not just what you say, but how you say it concept.

Changed their questioning/ engagement check point from “what do you think of our name xxxxx ” to…. “what are your thoughts on these wonderful innovations our mothers and parents are looking for “

Miriam - Regional Sales Manager QLD NT WA

"Nikki has an incredible ability to break down complex concepts in to simple and digestible chunks of information. She develops programs and trainings that cater to differing levels of needs. People open up quickly to Nikki, which helps ensure she always delivers the best training outcomes every time. Her passion is infectious and her work is inspiring to say the least. Nikki comes highly recommended and this is quickly realized by any team that works with her"

Reem – National Sales Effectiveness Manager

"Planning is so important, which I tended to do in my head and not on paper. It was so good to work through the planning segment and in particular, applying the approach to one of our customers and referring to them throughout - made it really relevant, but also memorable.
I feel comfortable and motivated in applying all of this with my customers now.

One of the best trainings I have attended. Thank you"

Ellie – Product Specialist

"Thank you so much for the training over the past 2 days. I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that I felt totally invigorated, inspired and captivated by your interactive and engaging workshop.

I would be very interested to attend future training sessions you have planned to deliver at our organisation. I’m very much looking forward to receiving feedback to continue my development in this area.

Thank you once again"

Sarah - Associate Training Manager

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