& Mentoring

Progress is accelerated when coaching support is provided to Leaders who are creating change and developing new behaviours in their teams. Research shows that Leaders who coach achieve significantly better results than those who don’t.

Organisational Coaching

We offer Organisational Coaching at all levels of business.

Management Coaching

Working with people, Managers need to wear many different hats; Leading, Teaching, Coaching, Counselling. Providing Managers with the competence to coach effectively delivers invaluable rewards. Building trust, opening communication, aligning goals and actions to achieve more effective outcomes.

Infield Sales Coaching

Infield/on the job Coaching allows observation and feedback on the spot, resulting in rapid skill development.

On the job coaching

Coaching is the single most important tool for driving performance, closely followed by training. Without on the job reinforcement, over 80% of training can be lost. When you combine Training with Coaching, you improve knowledge retention fourfold compared to training alone.

Reinforcement Support

Learning should not be an event – Follow up and regular review of new material is imperative to shift learnings from your short-term memory into your long term memory, or over 80% of knowledge can be lost. Research shows that regular support and reinforcement post learning programs, dramatically increases the uptake of knowledge.

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